Our approach

We create purposeful solutions because we understand the “why” behind the “what.” 

Let’s break down our building blocks: 


Digital solutions

It’s our mission to bring your vision to life with our constantly-evolving digital strategies. Thanks to our individual and collective experiences, we have our pulse on the latest user research, discovery, technology, and analytics. Our work is founded on form, function, and purpose.


Motivational movement

At Prototypical, we’re experts in digital interaction. As a result, we create digital experiences that mimic our day-to-day lives. We like to think of ourselves as conductors, leading eyeballs, clicks, and interactions to a sweeping crescendo of conversion.


Audience-inspired design

Each client approaches us with unique needs and a new audience. We want to know your niche as well as you do to provide them with the most tailored digital solution. In doing this, we can push past the subjectivity of good design. We can measure its success based on your users’ comprehension.


Collective empowerment

We work alongside our clients to get a product to market that delivers quality results. With this mindset, we humbly acknowledge that we don’t know everything. We want to learn from you because together, we can go farther.